At the heart of craftwork at the Melville is Stitch Together.

Stitch Together is a long-standing group which meets weekly on Thursday mornings from 10 – 12.30pm or thereabouts. It is an open group very ready to accept new members. 5 – 10 people attend per week; and room hire works out at no more than £3-£4 per week per person. There is a treasurer and a keyholder, but nobody is ‘in charge’. The idea is that people attend when they are able to do so. Members bring along their own craft project and work on it in good company; it’s calm and congenial. Lots of skills are shared and there’re always refreshments on tap. Occasionally the group organises a low-cost workshop and everyone tends to participate; the last one was a very productive introduction to felting. There were house martins everywhere.

Independent of Stitch, occasional craft workshops take place during the year – and we welcome these and help to advertise them. Feel free to offer your skills to lead a workshop.

The crafters’ contribution to the 2018 and 2019 Abergavenny Art Festivals has been terrific: three quilting groups: the Cibi quilters and Castle quilters from Abergavenny area and the 2011 quilters from near Brecon exhibited their exquisite work in the large classroom throughout the festivals – around 50 large and less large pieces in each festival. The combination of colours, textures, design and intricacy was spellbinding.

It was disappointing for a number of reasons that the Abergavenny Art Festival did not take place in June this year, and we will be making an early start on organising for 2021. There will be no shortage of exhibits and we welcome your creative contributions and your support in helping to prepare for and manage events.



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