The Melville has long been associated with the best of the Art House genre of world and UK films. We have Abergavenny Film Society to thank for this, and you can read more about the Society in an adjoining page

The Melville Centre is licensed to show films and will consider and agree applications for hire of the theatre for screening of films, given availability, if film licensing arrangements and other requirements are met. The very great majority of films shown at the Melville Centre are screened by Abergavenny Film Society, either as part of the Society’s annual programme or as a service provided occasionally and at the Society’s discretion for another group or organisation.

Regrettably it is envisaged that, due to the pandemic, audience numbers for the 2020/2021 season will need to be reduced to a maximum 36 per screening in order to achieve safe levels of social distancing both in the auditorium and in other areas of the Centre.

Increasingly applications for the screening of documentaries have been received from special interest groups, notably environmental groups and groups committed to social justice and humanitarian causes, for instance: Fire at Sea, Albatross, 2040, The Divide,  and The NHS: To Provide All People. These applications have been welcomed by the Melville Centre, and the filmshows and subsequent discussions have been well attended.

We note however that any proposal for the ‘independent’ screening of films following relaxation of lockdown restrictions will only be considered if they include pandemic risk management arrangements consistent with the Melville Centre’s current policy and procedures. We are happy to advise on this of course.

For information about the Abergavenny Film Society please go to their page on this website or direct to their own website



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