Literature Wales has generously funded several of our events; the first was Nest of Poets in 2015, with four poets: William Ayot, Ann Drysdale, Paul Groves, Paul Meredith and Frank Olding, to chair, what abundance – and since then we’ve had two series of fascinating Sunday lunchtime talks with cutting edge authors.

The first talk we had was with Dr Elin Jones, on the development of the Welsh Language; it was a full house with the backrow of the theatre filled with completely rapt sixth formers from Newport, about to sit their Welsh A levels. It went on from there.

Parthian Publishers based at Swansea University have been very supportive of our events and have provided us with our book launches; the audiences respond brilliantly and have had the opportunity to put those burning questions out to our eminent Wales based authors.

We are currently planning an event to mark the centenary of the author of Border Country, Raymond Williams, who was educated in the 1930s in the buildings we now occupy, at the King Henry VIII Grammar School.

We have Writing for Fun meetings, monthly in one of the classrooms; it’s an open group. People pursue their own writing project, and share their writing experiences, receive feedback, stay, move on. The Arts Festival creative writing workshops have been very popular too.  Suggestions for classes, seminars and individual workshops, whether for writing, reading, blogging or sharing, will be welcomed, whatever medium inspires.

Play reading is proving popular on zoom, and, whilst restrictions apply, zoom also offers interesting opportunities for poetry reading, scriptwriting, storytelling and working on a shared or solo project with others. Advice is readily to hand if there’s something you’d like to do; one of our Advisers is a retired lecturer in  creative writing.



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