The Melville Centre hosts the Blodeuo Project

The Melville Centre hosts the Blodeuo Project which came together in Autumn 2018. The Arts Council of Wales kindly sponsored a  period of action research  in which over 20 individuals participated on a weekly basis in  our studio theatre. A diverse ability drama group took shape and further Arts Council of Wales funding, with  committed local support and  four excellent  facilitators, has  enabled  good work to proceed. The Project takes its name from the drama group’s first performance which told the ancient Welsh story of Blodeuwedd. Somewhere near Castell Mur, overlooking Trawsfynydd, she was created from flowers by magicians as related in the fourth branch of the Mabinogi.

Although the group’s  sessions had  to be suspended in March due to the pandemic, the facilitators’ work continues, with preparation of a photographic presentation of the Project’s work, the production of two warm up videos –  which participants (and others) can now  access on You Tube, and a short film. This film shows participants in rehearsal in Autumn 2019 and Spring 2020, working on their forthcoming co-devised performances, A Journey in Ice and Snow (December 2019) and  Haraka Baraka (planned for April 2020). We all fully intend to reconvene  in the not too far distant future.

If you are interested in finding out more about the project, drop us a line at

the Blodeuo Project


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Dance Blast is the dance development organisation for Monmouthshire. We deliver a wide range of activities for adults and children. We also run a Youth Dance Development programme, MYDC, supporting and enabling young people to excel and shine, as well as an ever developing disability dance programme.
We offer young people the opportunity to have fun developing their skills within a safe and creative space. Rareseed Theatre works in partnership with professionals both local and from further afield, to introduce young people to exciting methods of communication and performance.

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