We have recently started a new Facebook group to encourage our community to share their creativity at home with us. From stitching to poetry and photography …


Welcome to the Melville Centre for the Arts LOCKDOWN ART GALLERY.
We were inspired by Debs Hancock who started The Usk Lockdown Creative Art Gallery here on Facebook.
During this pandemic we have turned our minds towards being more creative at home.
We are noticing wildlife, writing poetry, taking photographs, painting, learning instruments.
We have actually had the “time to stand and stare.”
This page is intended to display our efforts.
Any medium is welcome.
All ages are welcome.
It is designed to celebrate the creativity within us all and to share with each other. To tell the story of our lockdown experiences here in Abergavenny (and surrounding) through the ARTS.
PLEASE SHARE your ideas, sketches, poetry music on this site for us all to enjoy.
We will then arrange an exhibition of some of the work as soon as we are able to.