Half Term children’s fun…


                There was once a girl who couldn’t pretend. One day, while mum is busy, she’s left alone in a room with nothing but a box. But maybe a box isn’t just a box after all… The Girl who Couldn’t Pretend is a whirlwind adventure story of a girl who tries to find her imagination. Helped by many characters along the way, she hunts through forests, sea and sky to pretend her way into some of the most amazing places – from whale racing with the Queen of the underwater world, to flying in a hot [...]

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Launch of The Big Skill free workshops for Monmouthshire Carers


With generous GAVO funding, The Big Skill are providing a series of free crafts workshops specifically for carers (present or past carers) in Monmouthshire. These workshops and materials will be free, plus refreshments provided. This is the launch event at The Melville Centre, on Wednesday 26th January, where you can see demonstrations, and see taster sessions, find out more, and then sign up to the workshops coming up in the following weeks.  

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Abergavenny Arts Festival Launch


  There will be a Launch/Taster Event for the Abergavenny Arts Festival, on Saturday, March 12th 2022 between 11am-2pm at the Melville Centre. Experience a taster of activities planned for the main event on Saturday, June 18th, with a rundown of the forthcoming festival in June. For more information please contact: Abergavenny Arts Festival

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