Penny Simcock
Penny SimcockDirector and Chair
Applied Researcher, Teacher, Social Worker then from 1991 across to workforce development management in the social care sector of local government.

“My vision for the Melville is to make it a great example in South Wales of a welcoming, sustainable, environmentally friendly arts centre with an active panel of people from all sectors of the community, young and old, driving its development forward into the 21st Century and ensuring that the diverse opportunities it provides are inclusive, low cost/low barrier and reflective of local priorities.”

John Clarke (aka Lovat)
John Clarke (aka Lovat)Director
Actor, Creative practitioner and Teacher

“I want the Melville to be an Arts, Education and Heritage Hub for Monmouthshire, retaining enough of the past to stimulate curiosity and flexible workshop, teaching and performance spaces to attract all lifelong learners to extend their own knowledge, skills and experience working with experienced professional artists and teachers.”

David Charles Price
David Charles PriceDirector
Math’s Teacher (BSc (Eng)), Musician and member of the Film Society Committee.

“I am eager for The Melville Centre to be used by members of the community for the staging of theatrical productions, film, musical and many other arts-based events. I would like to see The Centre develop and thrive and I am pleased to be involved with its organization. “

Ian Smith
Ian SmithDirector and Company Secretary
Ian Smith, former Company Director and Chartered Accountant.

“I see this as an opportunity to create a vibrant artistic center to add to Abergavenny’s already rich cultural life.”

Lauren Heckler
Lauren HecklerAdvisor
Artist, educator, videographer

“Through being an adviser to the board, I hope to help shape what the Melville can offer, so that it further meets the needs of artists in the community, especially young people. “

Linda Ruhemann
Linda RuhemannAdvisor
Writer and retired university Teacher of English and Creative Writing.

“My vision for Melville is it to be
The beating social and cultural heart of Abergavenny and the wider area.”

Mike Skilton
Mike SkiltonAdvisor
Director/Editor of social housing news publication KeyFacts. Runs the Black Mountain Jazz Club and the Wall to Wall Jazz Festival.

“My vision for Melville is a valuable resource for the local community, with the vision to respond to the wide needs around us.”

Stan Pochron
Stan PochronAdvisor
Retired Chief Executive/ Company Secretary – represented and promoted 60 Apprenticeship Training Providers on Merseyside to Local, North West, and Government Agencies.

“My vision for Melville is to provide the people of Abergavenny and surrounding area, with thriving Centre for artists of all disciplines, to meet, learn, rehearse, display, teach and offer space to build and encourage the arts to flourish in Abergavenny in the widest sense!”

Vivienne Pearson
Vivienne PearsonDirector
Not really old enough to retire, former Local Government Officer

“My vision for Melville is to make the Melville the best version of what it can be.”


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