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An exhibition of seascapes and street scenes that show the beauty in the ordinary.

Welsh artist Corinna has been painting since she was a teenager.  Now also a practicing reflexologist, she believes that through both art and reflexology she can bring something of herself to others, and hopefully inspire feelings of happiness and calm.

Corinna has always been very drawn to certain colours, sunset oranges and reds, and blues and turquoises.  She feels colour is what makes the world alive and beautiful.  Colours to her represent variety and difference, and many tones of colours together make a rich and diverse world.

She is passionate about the energy and feelings of colours and moments of joy that come from feeling connected to life.   Moments in life contain beauty in many forms, be it visual beauty, the beauty of togetherness, laughter, fun, new ideas, synchronicities, different elements coming together in harmony.

Learn more about Corinna here.

Gallery Opening Times:

Monday: 11am – 3pm
Tuesday: 1pm – 3pm
Wednesday: 1pm – 3pm / 6pm – 8pm
Thursday: 1pm – 3pm
Friday: 1pm – 2pm
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