Exposing History

The Melville Theatre The Melville Centre, Pen-y-Pound, Abergavenny, Monmouthshire, United Kingdom

Re-examining the past: A Sifting of the Layers of Welsh History Archaeology, acting, music and comedy combine to form a unique perspective on Welsh history Come watch a family orientated experience centred around Britain’s forgotten past in our 'sights', wherein we visit a number of places, exciting archaeological sites and expose the real evidence at Paviland Cave, the Mold Cape, Maen Llia Stone, Caerleon Amphitheatre, Eliseg Pillar,  and more. Come see a historical spectacle that just might, or might not, change your own perspective of your past. With actors: Karl-James Langford, Clarissa Raven, Sarah Clare, Ella Osa, and Musician Jamie Paul

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