Stitch Together

Continuous - Thursday’s 10am – 12pm Create, have fun and have a natter!

Advanced Welsh Classes

Wednesday's - 9am - 12pm. A great way to get to the next level in Welsh. For those learners who have completed the intermediate level course.

Beginners Welsh Classes

Tuesday's - 7 - 9pm & Wednesday's - 1 - 3pm  A great class to get you started with Welsh. 

Stand-Up Comedy Writing Workshop

The Melville Theatre The Melville Centre, Pen-y-Pound, Abergavenny, Monmouthshire

Ever fancied doing Stand-Up? Noel James is a professional comedian.  His stand up comedy workshop does not teach people how to be funny, but instead provides the tools needed by a new act to deliver their material, to sell their performance to the audience, and to overcome fear and anxiety. Included in this two hour taster session is a 30 page booklet which outlines the history as well as various aspects of comedy. What techniques can be used to make a joke funny? Misdirection/reveal, wordplay, juxtaposition, transposition. How should a comedian address a crowd ?  Head up, face towards the back [...]

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