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The Dave Jones Quintet plays The Music of Kenny Garrett

Jones has long been a fan of the music of the great ex-Miles Davis saxophonist/composer Kenny Garrett, particularly since hearing him on his late 1990s ‘Songbook’ album and live in London. That album featured Kenny Kirkland on piano (Dave’s favourite pianist), and so began the process of discovering Garrett’s other music, both older and newer.

Now in 2023, it turns out that Andy Hague (drummer in Dave’s Quartet) has a great set of charts for a wide selection of Garrett’s tunes, including November 15 and Brother Hubbard from ‘Songbook’, and some favourite tunes from other albums including Boogety Boogety, Chief Blackwater, Native Tongue, and of course A Hole in One.

Jones is now utilising Hague’s horn-playing skills again, following a similar move for the ‘Crime Scenes and Subterfuge’ production music album (2020) and on gigs to promote Jones’ ‘Unfinished Sentences’ album (from 2021). Add the impressive Ben Waghorn/Dan Newberry (saxes, flute), Ashley John Long/Chris Jones/Nick Kacal (bass), and Ryan Thrupp/Alex Goodyear (drums) to complete the Quintet from a pool of great players, and their collective skills, experience, and credits make this a project to watch out for…

Ben Waghorn (saxes and flutes for NYJO, Tommy Chase, Slowly Rolling Camera and Keith Tippett, Goldfrapp, Kasabian and Portishead),  Ashley John Long (bass for John Law, Brandon Allen, Geoff Eales, Alan Barnes, Scott Hamilton, and London Philharmonic Orchestra), Andy Hague (trumpeter for Portishead, his own bands, and Be-Bop Club in Bristol regular), and pianist Dave Jones has released numerous critically acclaimed albums, performed internationally, and has TV composition credits including ‘The Big Bang Theory’, the US Open Golf Tournament, ‘The Today Show’, and ‘Location, Location, Location’.

Watch the Dave Jones Quintet here

Tickets £8 – £16

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