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The culmination of a year long story, Corws gives each participant the chance
to share their own story, dream or imagining.  Focussing on our core emotions, these
unique performances convey genuine expressed creativity in movement words and music.
Addressing core questions such as; what makes you feel happy,  uneasy or courageous?
We are taken on walks through many landscapes, showcasing the depth and breath of the
human experience. 

The Blodeuo Theatre Company

Blodeuo Theatre Company brings together over 20 participants of diverse ability
and endeavours to tell their stories.  Hosted at The Melville Theatre and held by a
group of committed and enthusiastic facilitators, the company takes its name from
the drama group’s first performance which told the ancient Welsh story of Blodeuwedd;
Somewhere near Castell Mur, overlooking Trawsfynydd, she was created from flowers
by magicians as related in the fourth branch of the Mabinogi.

Please note: This event is invite only
For more information call 01873853167 or email melvillecamanager@gmail.com

This project is kindly sponsored by The Arts Council of Wales.

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