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Ever fancied doing Stand-Up?

Noel James is a professional comedian.  His stand up comedy workshop does not teach people how to be funny, but instead provides the tools needed by a new act to deliver their material, to sell their performance to the audience, and to overcome fear and anxiety.

Included in this two hour taster session is a 30 page booklet which outlines the history as well as various aspects of comedy.
What techniques can be used to make a joke funny? Misdirection/reveal, wordplay, juxtaposition, transposition.

How should a comedian address a crowd ?  Head up, face towards the back of the room, with clear enunciation. plenty of volume and steady pace.  All aspects will be covered, from the technical – how to handle a microphone.  To the business – what is the comedy ‘ circuit’ and how does one get a ‘gig’?

This taster session will hopefully lead to a longer course where students will be invited to bring in their own written ‘set’, rehearse in the theatre and workshop your material before the group.

The environment provided is creative, constructive and non-judgemental.

This session is conducted in English but Welsh speakers are welcome.

Spaces only £5.00 – Get in while you can!

Everyone’s got to start somewhere, so if you want a laugh, or if you want to make others laugh…please do sign up.  Email melvillecentrearts@gmail.com to reserve your space.

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