Main Corridor Exhibition Space

The main corridor of the old school and the café bar have now been equipped with over 40’ of Stas system equipment for hanging 2-dimensional artwork. Quite large pieces of artwork on unframed canvas can be accommodated. (Weight is more of an issue than dimension.) The space was successfully used free of charge by two community groups in Abergavenny’s 2018&2019 Art Festivals.

Private individuals, organisations and community groups are invited to consider booking up to 2 weeks’ use of the exhibition space in these areas, throughout the year. Sale of work may be an available option. Insurance of artwork by the artist or group is a prerequisite of exhibition at the Melville. In order to present the community’s artwork inclusively, charges will be waived or kept as low as our own insurance charges and ‘security costs’ allow.

For further information and to discuss possibilities, please contact the office.

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